trust on every step

automagically verify the integrity of homepages,

before you execute them.

early bird <3

hello, you are here a bit early. feel free to poke around, but as long as this notice is here, most documentation on this page will not be accurate (yet).


@webboot aims to make tofu - trust on first use a bit less scary.

this is achieved by providing a third party source of truth in form of the webboot infrastructure.


we (and you?) run a network of validator nodes, providing a source of integrity to homepages and webapps.

browser extensions

browser extensions both verify pages and cache their js for later.

this makes webboot a package manager for the web, where users are in control of updates.


we think that this is a missing protocol, and that something like webboot is as integral for a free and secure world wide web as dns is, just seems that nobody thought about it before.

webboot is an open-source, free (as in freedom) software, non-profit project.

tofu - trust on first use

how can we trust a homepage before we even load it?

this is a central problem of the web that has not been addressed. until now.

homepages and webapps are used to administrate a lot of our public and private lifes, yet most people, and many developers, do not realize, how broken and dangerous the delivery method of those applications is.

and those of us that do?

we wake up deep at night, in cold sweat, and think about becoming a gardener.

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tosu - trust on second (and subsequent) use

once we know how to load homepages safely the first time, we encounter a new problem.

what happens on updates? how can we trust the new javascript that is now being sent from the server?

this can be solved by making updates of homepages user controllable and by providing a "second source of truth" utilizing the webboot network.

to make sure your users will not be stuck on broken versions of your webproperties, the webboot network will also allow both deprecation of versions, as well as propagation of urgent security fixes.

additionally, the @webboot network will also flag versions that break on user machines, giving developers and publishers additional insight into actual app performance.

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tech stack


the following organizations and individuals have contributed code, shared ideas, donated, given us a space to work, or otherwise helped @webboot.